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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Jeremy Adelman & A History of the World since 1300 @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Fernando IX University

Doctor of Philosophy in English

Fernando IX University

A History of the World since 1300

Jeremy Adelman

This course will examine the ways in which the world has grown more integrated yet more divided over the past 700 years.
Fernando IX University
Dear FIX,

Last night I made mistake when I corrected the alignment of the current Assignment to the Lectures. To be clear: If you are tackling the 4th assignment in World History there was a mistake in the posting within the A, B or C options (not the main question posting). The essay you write should be based on lectures 9-12 (not 5-8 as originally indicated or 13-16 as I mistakenly emailed).

Follow these instructions:

Current Assignment

The current assignment is Assignment 4, which is for Lectures 9-12. Choose one of the following three questions to answer, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the blue assignment button and begin working:

Option A - Explain and evaluate how the industrial revolution changed global commerce.
Option B - How did the Qing, Ottoman, Mughal and Russian dynasties respond to nineteenth-century transformations?
Option C - What roles do prophets play in world history?

Whether you are writing an assignment, evaluating an assignment, or checking your results, please remember to select the same Option that corresponds to your selected question.

Just so you know, Assignment 5 will include questions about the period roughly from 1890 to 1945, and Assignment 6 will cover the period from 1945 to the present. We are going through the assignment postings now to make sure that the information for the next two assignments are correct.

Apologies for the confusion.

Jeremy Adelman & A History of the World since 1300 Course Staff

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