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lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Agenda Cultural @ FIX University / BerkeleyX: CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence
Etiquetas: DARY HALL & JOHNOATES 12 inch collection
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zippo with hall and oateswashington dc1 Hall And Oates In Japan Tonight!
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Hall & Oates were in the house and this crowd could not wait to see them.
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Hall & Oates Kiss On My List French 7" Vinyl Record PB2142 Kiss On My List ...
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Hall & Oates - Music Category 3
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Hall & Oates by Deborah Feingold. Double click on above image to view full ...
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Hall & Oates – Rich Girl (Original Mix) [Download]. Categories:
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... soulsters Hall & Oates is best avoided, if not outright shunned.
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Lp Vinilo Daryl Hall John Oates ...
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Originarios de Filadelfia, DarylHall y John Oates fueron los encargados de ...
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Callin” Oates is a phone number you can call when you have a “Hall & Oates ...
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Daryl Hall and John Oates KillHall and Oates Fan Super PAC | ARTICLE
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Hall and Oates Live At The Troubadour front cover
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Maxi Vinilo Hall & Oates - Metod Of Modern Love . Agregar a favoritos
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Hall and Oates - Out of Touch (It's the DJ Kue Remix!)
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Daryl Hall John Oates - Ooh Yeah! - $ 4.000 en MercadoLibre
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... the online music show headed by Hall & Oates' Daryl Hall that has ...
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Hall & Oates Hotline: Freakin' genius
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Daryl Hall - John Oates - Say It Isnt So (vinilo). Agregar a favoritos
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Hall & Oates didn't seem to mind being part of this anti-drug song though!
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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

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Course Updates & News

  1. OCTOBER 4

    Project 1 is now live!
    You can view the project here. It is due at 11:59pm on October 14th, in your own time zone.
    In this project, you will implement the core search algorithms in the context of the Pacman-like game that you saw in lecture. In addition to developing general purpose search code, you will also get to create search problems and heuristics for the game itself. By the end of the project, you will have duplicated many of the demos you saw in lecture and enabled your agents to make make fast and optimal plans!
    Note that part of the project involves correctly implementing specified algorithms, and in this sense may be more like programming projects you have completed for other classes. However, another part of the project involves using your creativity to experiment with some open-ended challenge problems. A few points in the project are therefore more difficult than the rest, and perfect scores will require more than correctly implementing a spec.
    The project is autograded: when you submit your code, our servers will check it for correctness and provide you feedback. You may submit as many times as you like, and we encourage you to keep working on the project as long as you like until the deadline (10/14). Be aware that while the autograders are quite good at catching mistakes, they are not meant to replace your own local debugging efforts.
    We encourage you to work through Lectures 2 and 3, as well as Homework 1, before starting Project 1. As a supplement to the Lecture 2 and 3 materials, we have posted several step-by-step videos that give additional insight into the operation of depth-first, breadth-first and A* search.
    As always, please avoid posting spoilers or detailed code snippets. In addition, while we encourage version control in any project, please do not host your code in any public place (i.e. please do not use Google code, public Github repositories, public Bitbucket repositories, etc.).
    Happy searching,

    Dan, Pieter, and the CS188x Course Team
  2. OCTOBER 1

    Week 2 is now live!
    Now that you have seen some of the things that AI can (and can't) do, it's time to start learning about the underlying techniques. This week's topic is search. You will learn about agents that plan ahead, single-agent search problems, and general-purpose algorithms that solve them efficiently.
    This week's timeline is as follows:
    As a general timeline, primary lecture videos and homeworks will go live on Mondays. Projects and secondary video processing, which includes captioning, may release later in the week.
    As you work through the homeworks and projects, we encourage you to continue taking advantage of theforums. They are there to help connect with the staff and with your classmates, so don't be shy about getting involved (though, as always, please do avoid spoilers in your posts). We've already had some great threads, so thanks to all those who are already contributing!
    Happy searching,

    Dan, Pieter, and the CS188x Course Team

    You can check out the syllabus page to see the topics we'll be covering. In addition to learning the theoretical foundations of AI, you will also get hands-on experience implementing AI algorithms in a video-game-themed context. There will be lecture videos and homework assignments every week, programming projects every other week, and a single final exam at the end.
    The course information page has information about course logistics and policies. The course staff page tells you a little more about us. The primary communication channel for this course is our interactive forum, where you are encouraged to post questions, answers, and comments!
    The first week's videos are available for you to watch! In these introductory segments, we discuss what artificial intelligence is (and isn't), explore some of its history, and see its current capabilities and limitations.
    We have posted an optional short math self-diagnostic so you can verify your mathematical preparedness for the course. We've also posted an optional mini-refresher (or introduction) to Python, the language used in our programming projects. The Python refresher is also a great opportunity to try out the project submission interface used throughout the class.
    We look forward to a great semester with you!

    Dan, Pieter, and the CS188x Course Team

Due Dates

  1. Homework 1: Search10/7
  2. Project 1: Search10/14
  3. Homework 2: CSPs10/14
  4. Homework 3: Games10/21
  5. Project 2: Games10/28
  6. Homework 4: MDPs10/28
  7. Homework 5: RL11/4
  8. Project 3: RL11/11
  9. Practice Final11/11
  10. Final11/18

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