The word "literature" has different meanings depending on who is using it. It could be applied broadly to mean any symbolic record, encompassing everything from images and sculptures to letters.

miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

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OpenWetWare is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering. Learn more about us. If you would like edit access, would be interested in helping out, or want your lab website hosted on OpenWetWare, please join us.

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Referencing a DOI Within OpenWetWare
To lookup an article using a document object identifier, there's a cheap and cheerful way to do it based upon the work we did earlier to add access to pubget.
OpenWetWare: Where DOI Begin(s)?
MediaWiki is the software that OpenWetWare. org is built on. We customize it by applying out own styling to the page, add out own member management software to it, and either write our own extensions to it or download and install others.
Reading Articles Referenced Within OpenWetWare
To paraphrase Sigmund Freud,
"Sometimes a reference is just a reference. " But not all the time. By the time we're reading an OpenWetWare (OWW) page and notice a reference to a published paper, we've come to the page through a search engine.

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